Problem with recording START method


I’m working with the Datasift Client for Pylon. When I run client.Pylon.Start() with a legit hash and name I get an error that Newtonsift.Json.dll 6.0.0… cannot be found. We have v7.0x referenced in the project…

Please advise.



Thanks for reporting this issue. I’ve created an issue in the Github repo to add support for JSON.Net 7.0.x to the library.

We’ll look to fix this as soon as possible and let you know. Please feel free to fork the repo and submit a pull request though if you explore the issue yourself.




Hi again,

I just tested the library and it worked ok for me. My steps:

  • Created a new .NET CLI project

  • Added JSON.NET library using Package Manager Console (which installed v7.0.1)

    Install-Package Newtonsoft.Json

  • Added library using Package Manager Console (which installed v1.2.0)


  • I then used the code from the Quick start guide for PYLON and starting the recording worked as expected

Did you do anything differently?



Thanks for looking into that for me. Yes, I do things differently, but I’m not going to go into that here/ now. We decided to go in a different direction on this project - namely, incorporate consumption of the Pylon endpoints from within an existing architecture we developed some time ago to work with DataSift.

Thanx again.