Problem with Push to mongodb (no data received)



I have an issue with push delivery :
Some times when I create the subscription, I receive the response mentionning that the subscription is active but no data is delivered (last_success is still at null), but until I send the stop command, my account $ is decreasing and the dashboard shows some API usage.
I am sure that my mongodb is accessible.

And sometimes, the same action of creating the subscription works nice.

Thanks in advance for your help.



Have you checked your /push/log to see if any issues have been reported with the Push Subscription? You will find most connection and delivery errors are reported there. 


Thanks for your reply. Of course I have checked the log entries and… nothing.
I have just done a new test today, after having received 72321 interactions, the push did not send anything ; the status was retry. Meanwhile my Mongodb database was running normally. Agin, nothing in the log.
I tried to stop and resume the subscription, but I did not get anything. So I stopped my subscription loosing about 250000 interactions…
Any Clue ?

log request :


This issue should now be resolved.