Problem with Push mechanism (no data received)



I have problem with Push mechanism. First of all, I use HTTP connector with parameters:

  • method = post
  • delivery_frequency = 30
  • max_size = 20971520

Push subscription is created correctly: application receives initial signal with empty Json node, responses with success message, subscription is created. Unfortunately, the initial signal from DataSift is the first and the last one, although I can see on my account dashboard that Push is working and tweets are collected. I also don’t receive any data after stopping subscription. As far as I understand, application should receive buffered data (if it exists; and in my case data is buffered what I can see on dashboard) with defined frequency (in this case 30 seconds) but not more than max_size (there 20 MB) at once, am I right? So I should get some data every 30 seconds (or almost every in the case of very selective filter applied). What might be wrong in this situation?

I’m sure this is not the problem with processing received data, what would cause I don’t see the results. All received signals are logged, and there is no entry apart from this initial one.

I hope you can help me, thanks!


I have replied to this question via the supprot ticket you raised