Problem retrieving users comments/likes using Instagram Managed Source


When we use an Instagram Managed Source and search comments/likes by tags everything is ok, but if we search by user (using very representative Instagram users) when don’t recieve any data from the Managed Source. ¿Any idea why this could be?

Thanks in advise


Managed Sources return posts created within the last 7 days, and comments on those posts. Can you confirm these users do have created content within the last 7 days? Also, please confirm that the tokens you are using on your source can access content created by these users if the users have private accounts.


We are using a token generated vía Datasift Managed Sources interface (login with an Instagram account in the “Add token” button).

We tried to retrieve data from famous people as an example to see how it works and we even put a comment and a like in a post created 9 hour ago in one of these users posts in order to see if there was a problem because no one were posting at this moment.


The source should certainly pick up posts created within the last day. I’ll raise a support ticket with you, and ask for a little more information