Pricing and Twitter Limit



I’m doing some test and reading the docs to be able to understand how the billing works and which are the Twitter limits imposed, but I still have some doubts…

  1. Suppose I define a Stream that filters the tweets based on a hashtag so the Stream has a DPU cost of 0.1 . If I open a live streaming connection and also start a push service to a MongoDB instance, for one hour running which would be the price if we suppose we receive 1.000 tweets? Will each tweet cost one or two tweets because we’re reading it twice?

  2. I’ve read that Twitter imposes a rate limit of 500.000 tweets per day. How are these tweets counted? I mean, in the previous case, when would the tweet be counted, one for reading it in the live stream connection and again bythe push service or it will be counted just once?

  3. Also, related to Twitter limitation, the 500.000 teet limit per day I suppose it’s counted for the already filtered tweets. Id that correct?




For an overview of how billing works see our understanding billing page.


  1. If your stream and your push subscription are both using an identical stream hash (CSDL) then you will only be billed for 1 tweet but receive it twice.
  2. The same logic applies as point 1, if both delivery methods are using the same stream hash then each tweet you receive will only count as 1 towards your rate limit, even if you receive it twice.
  3. That is right, this is the limit of how many Tweets you can receive within 24 hours.



Great, thanks for the info!


One last question…
If I use mongodb as a data destination, it’s the connection between datasift and MongoDB secured?


Data sent to MongoDB from DataSift is not currently send over SSL. It have raised a feature request to have it added in the future. All connectors that currently support secure transport are indicated with a padlock symbol on the destinations page.