Posts of Facebook in Portuguese (BUG)


Hey guys,

I’m having a lot of trouble to search for facebook posts using Datasift. In my application I’m querying for something like:

interaction.type IN “facebook,twitter,blog,youtube” AND (interaction.content contains_any “feliciano,manifestação,tragédia,manifestacao,tragedia” OR contains_any “feliciano,manifestação,tragédia,manifestacao,tragedia” OR facebook.caption contains_any “feliciano,manifestação,tragédia,manifestacao,tragedia” OR contains_any “feliciano,manifestação,tragédia,manifestacao,tragedia” OR interaction.title contains_any “feliciano,manifestação,tragédia,manifestacao,tragedia” )

But It is not collecting facebook posts that are in portuguese. I’m testing now a simple query like:

interaction.type IN “facebook” AND
(interaction.content contains_any “feliciano,adoro,gosto,muito,apple,samsung,android,rio de janeiro, belo horizonte”)
AND language.tag == “pt”

It should be returning a lot of results, but I got 3 results in 10 minutes. Am I doing something wrong here?



Apologies for the delayed response. We are running some tests, and looking into this issue.


We have identified an issue with our Facebook search for some non-English languages. We are making some changes today, and hope to have a fix out within a week.



I have the same problem looking for spanish language posts on Facebook. Is it also related to the same issue?


Yes. Spanish will be one of the languages that has improved results from Facebook.