Performance issue



I am trying to write an application using datasift. but the issue I am facing is performance. Datasift provide me data as 1 record in more than 10 mins.
The query I have written is "twitter.text contains “Election2012”.

Can anyone help me with some performance improvement tips or…is there somethingwrong with my query…or this is the default behavior of Datasift.

Thanks in advance…
Abhash Mishra


If no one sends a Tweet containing "Election2012", no results will be collected - the Twitter feed happens in real-time. There is nothing wrong with your CSDL - this seems to just be a low throughput stream. Take a look at our Presidential Elections stream for an example of a high throughput stream.

If you ever have concerns about the platform, you can check for up-to-date information about the health of the platform, or follow @DataSiftAPI for Tweets whenever the platform is experiencing problems.