Org.datasift.EAPIError: Unknown error


I keep seeing the below Error quite a bit these days. What does Unknown error mean? I get this when I try to stop an existing push subscription.
I use your Java client library.

org.datasift.EAPIError: Unknown error
at org.datasift.User.callAPI(Unknown Source)
at org.datasift.PushSubscription.get(Unknown Source)
at org.datasift.User.getPushSubscription(Unknown Source)


Could you please share the version of the client library you are using, and the code you are using to create, and stop the Push subscription.


Client Library Version 2.2.0

private static User getDataSiftUser() throws EInvalidData {
return new User(,);

public static void stopPushSubscription(String subscriptionId) throws EInvalidData, EAPIError, EAccessDenied {
User user = getDataSiftUser();
PushSubscription ps = user.getPushSubscription(subscriptionId);
if(ps != null) {

public static String createPushSubscription(String hash, String name) throws EInvalidData, EAccessDenied, EAPIError {
String pushId = null;
User user = getDataSiftUser();

PushDefinition pd = user.createPushDefinition();
PushSubscription ps = pd.subscribeStreamHash(hash, name);
pushId = ps.getId();
return pushId;



Any update


It looks like your code should work as expected. Is this error reproducible in every case, or do you only receive this message occasionally? "Unknown errors" should only occur in edge cases where we have not seen this kind of error before. 


I see this randomly.


I got this error yesterday as well.


Seems like this may be due to timeouts internal to DataSift. I have made our Operations team aware of the issue. 

In cases where you receive 5xx errors from DataSift, we simply recommend that you try again - most of these errors are transient.


Today I see below error, although I do have credits in our account. I checked the per hour rate limit too, I still have some 9000 credits remaining according to your usage api.

This occured at
2014-04-10 13:28:40,780 … = You need to have credits or a valid subscription to use the API.

org.datasift.EAccessDenied: You need to have credits or a valid subscription to use the API.
at org.datasift.User.callAPI(Unknown Source)
at org.datasift.PushDefinition.validate(Unknown Source)


Can you please confirm the username of the account you saw this issue on, and the timezone of the timestamp you have given?


Thanks for following up Jason.
I had filed a support ticket for this issue and the issue is now resolved. I had to restart all my subscriptions though.

But I did see Unknown error a few times today. Is there a fix for this from your end and isnt anyone else hitting this issue.


Unknown errors tend to be transient. We are consistently working to improve our platform infrastructure, which should help reduce instances of messages like this.