Number of times a single user has tweeted on a particulat topic



I’m wondering what would be the best way to be able to isolate twitter users who have tweeted on a particular subject more than 20 times over a defined period

Let’s use the example (again!) of Daft Punk

I’m assuming there are 2 possible approaches: constructing a query using the twitter.hashtag target (eg twitter.hashtag == “daft punk”) or the twitter.text target (twitter.text contains “daft punk”)

These approaches enable me to isolate the subject matter but what do I need to add to this query to identify who has tweeted this subject more than 20 times ?

Do I need to use twitter.user.statuses_count ?

Thanks for your help



This is something you will need to do on your end. Perhaps store information about each user who sends a Tweet matching your filter, and a "Tweet Count" field, indicating the nubmer of times you have received Tweets from them. You can then filter on your end if this user has Tweeted more than 20 times. 

The twitter.user.statuses_count field shows the total number of Tweets this user has sent since they created their account (it does not take the content of the Tweets into consideration).