Not receiving some tweets even if query filter matches



Here’s my query :

(twitter.text contains_any narendramodi, Narendra Modi).

Not all tweets that have the above strings are being received. e.g. The following tweets, among many others, weren’t received :

  1. even though “narendramodi” is present in the tweet. What I notice is that tweets that are part of a conversation aren’t being received. In this case, the above tweet is a reply to some user @Baangaali, but has a reference to narendramodi.

Can you throw some light on this ?



Each of these Tweets mentions the username @narendramodi, not the string "narendramodi", which is what we filter for when using the twitter.text target. To filter for @mentions of usernames, you will need to look at using a target such as twitter.mentions or interaction.mentions.



The confusion arises, since I seem to have gotten the following tweet with exactly the same query as above :

And this tweet has @narendramodi in it.


Any updates on this ?


Is the CSDL definition you gave at the beginning of this post the full definition you were using? Also, is it the only stream you were running when you received this Tweet from @ramanmalik? The filter you specified should not have been able to pick up this Tweet.