Not able to experiment Twitter historics API; API Status: Partial outage


I am trying to experiment the Twitter Historics API.

I have created the hash with the /compile rest end points, when I am trying to call /prepare, I am getting the following error response.

{“error”:“You do not have permission to access this endpoint”} with Response code 403.

When I look the API Status, for historics, It says “Partial Outage”. Since couple of days It remains partial outage.

Kindly reply as early as possible.


Historics access is currently reserved for those on Professional and Enterprise plans only. If you would like to trial Historics, please contact our sales team, and you will be put in touch with someone who can help you get started with Historics.


What was your solution to this issue? I seem to be getting the same thing. At the same point /prepare…
“error”: “You do not have permission to access this endpoint”


This is expected behaviour. You will need to contact a member of the DataSift Sales Team, and sign up for a Professional or Enterprise account before you will be granted access to Historics.