No streams to simple query


Hello I am a complete noob on PAYG. Can’t get any streams from this

interaction.geo geo_radius “51.49677467073002,-0.116729736328125:60.80494337106156”


interaction.content contains_any “landlords,property”


The CSDL looks alright. You’re looking for interactions which contain either the word “landlords” or “property” which have been geotagged within 60km of 51.49677467073002,-0.116729736328125.

I have a couple of questions and a couple of comments here;

  • Do you have any examples of interactions you’ve found which should satisfy this CSDL?
  • Which data sources do you have active?

We’ve typically found that no more than ~5% of all interactions are geo-tagged. Those that are typically represent people checking into places like hotels, coffee shops, events, etc. People don’t usually geo tag a post about things like their landlord (I know I never would!).


Ah ok. Thank you. How will you go about generating results more relevant to the home country?


Active sources and augmentation include Disqus with trends. Thanks


This totally depends on the data source you are using. Data Sources like Bitly include the city/country from which the user clicked the Bitly link. Sources like Disqus do not include any demographics data which allows us to determine where that user may be based.
We maintain a full list of CSDL targets you can filter against, and a mapping of which data sources have targets/output fields that map to interaction.* targets/output fields (such as the interaction.geo field)
As for the Trends augmentation, it’s worth mentioning that this works only for Twitter data.

We’d certainly recommend consuming a few example interactions from your chosen data sources, and looking at the available output fields on these interactions to see what kind of data is available, and thus what kind of data is available to filter against.