No data from a simple tu,mblr query


I’ve set up a filter with the CDSL:

tumblr.body contains_any "rihanna"

I connect with a stream and no data is returned I’m only getting heart beats. The tumblr feed is enabled.


Thanks for reporting this. The status site was recently updated to reflect delayed data delivery for new streaming subscriptions:

This should be resolved soon. You’ll get any missed data as soon as this is resolved.


Hi, we are putting hold development pending resolution of this. Can you notifiy us as soon as this is resolved?


This was resolved shortly after you spoke to Alex.

We recommend all our customers subscribe to our platform status updates at; this way you will be kept up to date with all platform issues, and informed as soon as they are resolved


I’m not convinced. I’ve another test with the rule "tumblr.body contains “back of a truck” or
tumblr.body contains “back of a lorry” which isn’t returning data even after I post something on twitter containing the phrase back of a lorry.


Just to confirm, you said you’ve been monitoring Tumblr with your CSDL, and posted something on Twitter to test this; did you mean to say you posted something on Tumblr?


Gah! :slight_smile: I’m posting on Tumblr and seeing results come through our GNIP feed almost instantly.

Your feeds return nothing.


Got it. I’ll run some tests and continue our investigation.


It seems like this issue is being caused by our Delays in Data Delivery platform issue. You can follow that link to subscribe to receive notifications when that issue is updated. Our team is working hard to have this issue resolved as quickly as possible.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused here