New Tumblr blog-level metadata fields not available



We received an email from you back in February, which announced the arrival of new blog-level metadata provided by Tumblr. The upgrade was said to take effect from 1 March. The following fields were supposed to be added: (alias of tumblr.blog_name. tumblr.blog_name is deprecated)

Whilst some of these are available at the moment (eg. blog.title,blog.description), most of the promised fields do not seem to be provided yet. When can we expect the rest of the fields to be added?


I’ll chase this up with our engineering team and get back to you


These fields do correctly appear when the tumblr.activity field is “blog”. You receive these interactions in cases where the blog metadata is updated. These fields are not provided by Tumblr for post interactions.


Thanks for the swift reply Jason. I find it quite interesting that Tumblr does not provide those fields for post interactions - it does not make much sense to me. Unfortunately, this also renders those new fields to be of not much value, at least for the use-case we had in mind. An extension of those fields for post interactions would be most welcome.