Must a hash be created


I have a project where my customers will be performing ad hoc keyword queries, that I’d like Datasift to provide the data on. Specifically they will search for a term, and I’d like Datasift to provide the most recent social chatter about that keyword along with some augmentations. As the search terms are random, I can’t pre-configure any profiles or streams.

Is this the only process to build this app by:

  1. Query DataSift with a CSDL of the users request
  2. Retrieve hash
  3. Query that hash to get results
  4. Display results to user

Is there a way to skip step 2 and just retrieve data that matches a CSDL that was created on the fly? Thanks.


Hi - unfortunately, no. You will have to comple the CSDL before you are able to subscribe and use it.