Modifying a twitter feed to remove links


Is there a way to create a twitter feed that does not include tweets that have links in them? Not sure what UI I could use for this…maybe make a feed for hootsuite.

I already port tweets with link in them to my feedly using a api.

I would like to somehow consume the other tweets but avoid the tweets with links in this view.



If you are trying to set up a filter to only receive Tweets that do not contain links, you could do something like this:

twitter.text contains "my keywords" AND NOT links.url exists

This will return any Tweets containing "your keywords" where the links.url field does not exist.

If you do still want to receive Tweets with links, but just filter them out internally, you could look at the twitter.links, or links.* output fields, and redirect interactions within your application depending on whether they contain links or not.