Media Strategies API - Launched today!


Today we’ve launched a new product called the Media Strategies API. The new product makes it far easier to extract insights from social data.

What is the Media Strategies API?

The new product sits alongside PYLON products and analyzes the same data sources. Initially the API will support analysis of LinkedIn engagement data. If you have access to the PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights product you can use the new product to build insights more easily and more quickly.

The API offers a number of ‘strategies’ which return answers to common use cases we’ve seen people looking to build with PYLON. The strategies contain all the analysis queries, data science techniques, and best practice required. Using the strategies you can quickly build common use cases into your app, and spend more time focusing on custom analysis to make your app stand out.

To learn more about the new product take a look at the product overview guide.

DataSift API v1.5

To support the new product we’ve released a new version of our API.

You can take a look at the changes on the API Changelog.