Match all filter


Is it possible to create a match-all-stream that matches all interactions without filtering?


Are you looking to receive every interaction that flows through DataSift here? Could you please give a few more details about what you are trying to achieve?


Yes I try to get every interaction from a Facebook source.


Are you looking to subscribe to all data generated on a Facebook Page, or all public Facebook data?

For Facebook Pages - this is possible using our Facebook Pages Managed Source.

For Facebook public data, this will only be possible if you have signed up to our Professional or Enterprise subscription plan. Basic and Pay-As-You-Go subscriptions to DataSift are limited to a maximum of 500,000 interactions per day.


I try to get all interactions from a single Facebook Page. Is it possible to get the aggregated interactions directly from a Facebook Pages Managed Source without creating a stream (I don’t need any filtering)?


You will have to create a stream in order to receive the interactions. You can simply write a filter like: == "<managed_source_id>"


interaction.type in "facebook_page"

These two streams would ensure you receive every interaction from the pages you are monitoring.


Ok, thanks for your replies.