Managed Sources Improvements - December 2016


During the week commencing Monday December 12th, 2016, DataSift will be deploying a number of changes affecting customers using the newer (2016) Managed Sources architecture, and the user interface.

A summary of the upcoming changes is as follows:

Additions to the Instagram and Facebook Pages interaction schema
A number of fields have been added to Instagram and Facebook Pages output interactions in order to ease the transition from the old to new Managed Sources architecture, and to support filtering against some existing CSDL targets. Many of these fields are simply duplicates of existing content.

This change is additive only; no existing fields will be changed.

Managed Sources performance and stability
We have invested heavily in improving the performance and stability of the new (2016) Managed Sources architecture.
These improvements include optimizing how Managed Source resources are queued, reducing the number of API calls required to return your source data quickly and reduce the occurrence of hitting API rate limits, and numerous internal speed boosts and pipeline optimizations.

Fixed false positive hashtag matches
We have resolved an issue whereby anchors within a URL could be incorrectly detected as a hashtag, and subsequently added to the <data_source>.hashtags output fields.

Following Facebook Page migrations
In cases where Facebook Pages have migrated to new Page IDs, we previously returned an error message to tell users this migration had occurred, and failed to pull data for this resource. We will now return the same error message, but additionally will update our internal tracker to follow this migration, and pull data from the new Page location.

Improved auto-logout
Following customer feedback, we have increased the period of inactivity required in a user’s account before they will be automatically logged out of

source.resource_id CSDL target
The source.resource_id output field will also exist as a CSDL target to allow you to filter against individual Managed Source resources.

As always, if you have any questions, or would like to discuss any of these changes in more detail, please reach out to our technical support team who will be happy to help