Managed source: Request timed out


I have created a managed source for a big facebook page (“ladygaga”). After I have started the source I don’t get much data:
In the log of the managed source only “page/posts” seems to work, all other requests have an error status with a “Request timed out” message.

Isn’t it possible to fetch the data for a big facebook page with just one Facebook Access Token? Anything I can do?
Will I lost data if I get “Request timed out” messages over one hour?

(Sometimes even my push subscription in “Currently Used Streams” seems to disappear, after some minutes it was there again ?!?)


Are there any news on this topic? It still doesn’t work for me. About two weeks ago I was able to get all the data without problems.

It only seems to work at the moment with “likes=false, posts_by_others=false,comments=false”, but I also want to fetch the likes and comments.

Can you retrace my problems?


For a page with the kind of volume Lady Gaga receives, it may well be worth adding a couple more tokens - just to be sure. You should still receive a significant amount of data even just using one token.

Where do these request timeout messages come from? Have you seen them in your /source/log, or somewhere else? Are you having difficulties with your Push Subscription? Is there anything in your /push/log?


Ok, thanks for your answer!
It seems to me that no Likes where fetched, just posts and comments. After some /page/posts calls and lot of “Request timed out” error log messages, I don’t get any data from Ladygaga, even if I wait hours for the Likes.

I have timeout messages in /source/log just like this:

id: 192311869,
event_time: 1390906063,
success: false,
message: “Request timed out”
id: 192309465,
event_time: 1390905924,
success: false,
message: “Request timed out”
id: 192308153,
event_time: 1390905851,
success: true,
message: “page/posts”

There are no log entries in /push/log:

{ success: true, count: 0, log_entries: [ ] }

Unfortunately I can only use one FB app access token. Has anything changed for the limits at Facebook or Datasift in the last weeks?
Some smaller FB pages like microsoft seem to work.


We have had no limits change at DataSift in the last week - I can't speak for Facebook. The only limits you should be subject to with regard to Facebook Managed Sources are:

  • The rate limit on your access token(s)
  • DataSift limits you to only using any unique access token once. 

You can generate more access tokens using Facebook's Graph API Explorer Tool.

If you can share your username and Managed Source ID, I can take a closer look at this. If you'd perfer not to share it publicly, you can submit a ticket at


Thanks again, I have created a support ticket with my IDs.