Lower costs with multistreaming?



Are these still valid rates for LiveStreaming using Multistreams.



  1. We intend to use both Push subscriptions( for keyword based search) and MultiStream(for getting tweets based on handles). Does this have any pros and cons. Reason from our side for using these 2 methods is that we could run out of 200 Active/Paused subscriptions quickly and also have some functional restrictions due to which we would have to keep changing the hash for a push quite frequently which would be a expensive operation for us.

  2. Is there anything that we need to consider while implementing LiveStreaming.


It is still cheaper to combine streams, or run multiple streams on one connection, yes.

We generally recommend using Push Delivery over the Live Streaming API due to the guaranteed deliver protection offered by Push Delivery. If you disconnect from the Live Streaming API for whatever reason, you will not receive any data that matches your filter while you are disconnected. If Push delivery cannot successfully deliver data to you, it will retry for at least an hour.