Lower costs with multistreaming?


Your documentation states:

"Note that DataSift's minimum charge is $0.20 per hour, so a 0.5 DPU rule would cost $0.20 per hour."

Is this per connection or over all connections?

Given two 0.5 DPU rules, is it more expensive to set up one connection for the first rule and one connection for the second rule rather
than setting up one multistrream connection for both rules? Or is the cost the same?


It works out cheaper to set up a multi-stream connection, as you are charged per connection - not per stream. We charge $0.20 per hour for a 1 DPU rule, and anything cheaper this. So in your case, running two 0.5 DPU streams separately means you will be charged at 1 DPU ($0.20 per stream). Running the two 0.5 DPU streams together in a multiple stream connection, you will be charged 0.5 + 0.5 = 1 DPU for the connection.