License costs unclear



I recently recorded a stream with the word ‘selfie’ and used no augmentations. I only selected the source as ‘ALL’ and selected no augmentations. I ran the task for about an hour or so, and got 60 documents, mostly twitter data, to my mongodb database. At the end of this task, my 8$credit got exhausted!

I assume the pricing is 0.1DPU/hr + license charges of 0.1$ for 1000 tweets. And in case I use some augmentations, I’d have to spend a bit more, right?

How is it that the billing in my case was that high? 8$ for about 2 hours of task run?



How our billing works is documented on our Understanding Billing page. 

It looks like you paused these tasks. Pausing a task only pauses delivery - it does not stop data from being written into the Push Buffers on our side, and it does not stop you from being charged for these interactions. You are charged for data as it matches your filters - not when you receive it. It is likely your filter matched far more than just 60 Tweets, but because the subscription was paused, you just didn't receive many of them. Take a look at the Push Status Codes documentation to find out more about how Push Subscription statuses work.