Klout score only available from Twitter?


Is it only possible to get Klout scores from Twitter users? Whenever I pull from other sources (Facebook, Youtube, etc) I’m not able to receive a Klout score or set a minimum threshold. If this is possible, what’s the CSDL?

Here’s the CSDL i’m using that’s not working:

interaction.type contains_any "Facebook, YouTube, Amazon"
and interaction.content contains "obama"
and klout.score >= 40

Thanks for your time


The Klout augmentation is currently only available for Twitter users. A person's Klout profile is mapped to their Twitter @username.


Thanks for the quick response Jason. Any plans on expanding beyond Twitter for Klout score or is that not on your roadmap?


This is not something currently on the roadmap, but I will raise this as a feature request to see if it would be possible.