Is there any way to keep the tags when merging multiple streams to one stream?


We want to tag interactions on separated streams. So, is it possible to keep these tags somehow after merging these separated steams to one “master stream”?

We know that it is possible to just make one “big” CSDL stream filter with tags but it would be much easier to have separated streams and merge those to one “master stream”.



We have been working on a new feature that will vastly improve the versatility of tags in the Datasift platform and achieve what you are after.

Keep your eye on updates in the next couple of weeks :)


Thanks for the fast reply.

That sounds great :slight_smile:


Any Updates on this or pointing to dev docs? Thanks!


Take a look at our Tagging and Scoring documentation. You may also be interested in looking at our pre-built tagging libraries, and some recent posts about our new tagging functionality in the DataSift Developer Blog.


Trying to merge several streams into one. But I’m getting an empty JSON.

I’m reading and I’ve literally copied the code in example #2 (below) and just changed it into the hashes of my streams. But when the subscription hits my server it contains an empty JSON, instead of the tweets it should contain.

When I subscribe to any of the streams that the main stream is aggregating from though, then I get a correct JSON.

Please help me out here. Very important to us that we get this done asap.

tag “red” {stream “f0596f03644177b8bf5b59708a08bfe8”}
tag “white” {stream “6740288c3c3d02984d1dc624d77e198f”}
tag “blue” {stream “922aad7bec1836c83ede051b153d3d09”}
return {
stream “f0596f03644177b8bf5b59708a08bfe8” or
stream “6740288c3c3d02984d1dc624d77e198f” or
stream “922aad7bec1836c83ede051b153d3d09”


How are you trying to consume this CSDL? Have you seen the hashes you are using generate interactions in the past?