Is there a way to get the Twitter user id/Twitter username from the real name of the person?



It would be possible to use to find someone's real name, but pease bear in mind that many people will have the same name, so "John Smith" will return multiple different Twitter accounts, and some people choose not to put their real name on their Twitter account, so the results may not always be consistent. 

Searching for someone's real name depends entirely on what they have chosen to enter their name as in their Twitter account.


Here, we want to get profile info(handle to social profiles of Twitter and Facebook) about a user from their real names. In rare cases, we might also know their email ids. However, we assume we do not have their email-ids available. Please guide us.


Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:


We do not currently allow any method of filtering for users on their email address, nor do we return a user's email address in our return objects. 

If you are looking for profile data in both Facebook and Twitter, you could use the target to filter for data across all our sources instead of just from Twitter as described in my last post.