Is there a way to get the hashes back that the multistream is connected to?


Today I had to restart the stream when I noticed that my test tweet didn’t get picked up. Unfortunately everything on my end seems to say the connection should be fine, yet it clearly wasn’t.

I would suggest adding stream hashes on the tick which is being sent out, allowing my code to test if all the streams are still connected or are indeed connected. An extra tick the moment a new stream is connected would be nice too, since that way when I switch streams instead of ‘guessing’ I can actually detect the new stream being connected before disconnecting the old stream.


Sebastiaan Hulst


We have the /usage REST API endpoint in place for this. You can hit this endpoint to see which stream hashes have been connected in the last day or hour. Early next week we will be modifying this endpoint to allow you to query which streams are connected at the time of the API call.

When running multi-streams, the stream hash is sent out with each interaction:

    "hash": "0d80ed9dc9c4062265e960f450244369",
    "data": {
        "demographic": {
            "gender": "female"
        "interaction": {

Ticks indicating a stream un/subscription was successful is an upcoming feature. More will be announced closer to the time this feature is released. Follow @DataSiftDev for the latest product updates and features.


Thanks for your reply Jason, problem I’m having is that I do get the ticks and have connected the stream, but am not getting any interactions. Stopping and starting did the trick and interactions started coming in.

It seems there is no way to be sure unless I’m having interactions, which seems ludicrous. The REST API endpoint is nice to have, but when I’m already having the connection open this too seems strange to have to do just to make sure the streams are connected.

I would really like the ability to ask on the connection which streams are being served, this way I can always check to make sure it is connected.

Sebastiaan Hulst


If you could submit your DataSift username, the stream you were having troubles with, and the timeframe of your problems, along with any error messages to, that would be appreciated - I would like to investigate this further.

Regarding the ability to query your active connection for a list of active stream hashes - this has been raised as a feature request. I know I would find it useful to have!