Is there a standard object returned from an interaction?


When consuming via the streaming API should I expect the interaction objects to be all the same?

I’m trying node and .Net.

I converted JSON to .Net classes and deserialized the interaction into a type but then on a subsequent interaction it wouldn’t deserialize as the JOSN structure was different.

If the interaction isn’t a standard object and I want to store some information over 60mins and query that data in Mongo for example, if some of those objects are not standard they will be ignored from the query.

How would you go about handling this scenario?


Most fields will be consistent across interactions, though we can not guarantee this in any case, as the data we send to you is entirely dependant on what we receive from our data providers. You need to ensure your model is flexible enough to support this.

We do support writing data directly into a Mongo database via our Push Delivery service:

You can read more about Push on our documentation page - Push and Data Destinations