Is the preview volume limit based on IP address?


A co-worker and I are running into the “You have exceeded the preview data volume limit. You will not receive any new data for up to an hour.” message quite frequently even though individually we don’t seem to be exceeding 10,000 preview interactions an hour. Is it IP based or account based?


We impose a limit of 10,000 interaction previews an hour per IP address. Interaction previews are a service designed for light previews of data; typically used for a couple of minutes to help refine new stream rules as you are writing them.

If you have been writing rules which have a large return throughput, it can be possible to exceed 10,000 interactions very quickly. Rules such as interaction.content exists can return thousands of interactions each second, and although a new interaction only appears in the preview every second or so, hundreds or thousands of interactions will have been buffered and sent to your browser.

I hope this helps.


DataSift Support