Is the Facebook stream example broken?


I’ve been trying and failing to set up a simple Facebook stream, so I decided to go back to basics and look at the official Datastax example at this link:
All I see when I go there is a spinner, and a green light at the bottom, no content ever appears. I’ve tried this in both Chrome and Firefox, so I don’t think it’s browser-specific. Any suggestions on how I can get this working?



All our data sources are currently working as normal. You can see our live platform status at

It looks like the CSDL you are using may simply not return many interactions. The facebook.og.* targets do not return high data volumes at all. We are working hard on improving the Facebook data source to get more data from Facebook.


Thanks for the reply Jason. This is an official Datasift example, not my code though! It’s referenced from the bottom of this documentation page:
Could you confirm that your example’s not working, or am I going crazy? :slight_smile:



I can see interactions appearing when viewing this example (Chrome on OSX). Could you clear your cache, and try again? We have experienced no issues in the last couple of days which would cause behaviour like this to occur on the platform.


Thanks Jason, it’s working for me now too, after a couple of days of no results. My own Facebook stream is showing a handful of posts now too.