Is it possible to turn augmentations on for some streams and not others?


If I turn (say) Salience on from the dashboard, it applies to subscriptions I subsequently push using the REST API, which is of course what I typically want.

Is it possible to create some streams that use Salience and others that don’t? (eg I know they are in a language that is not supported, or their content is too garbled for NLP, or the volume is high enough that I don’t want to pay, etc etc)

Ideally it would be possible on a stream-by-stream basis (though I don’t see this in the API, unless it’s part of the JCSDL syntax that I haven’t found yet)

If not, then would it be possible to deactivate Salience / create a stream / re-enable Salience (or would that apply to all active streams then)? And if so, can I activate/de-activate augmentations from the API (again I don’t see it)?


Hi Alex,

Currently, Augmentations (as well as Data Sources) are activated on a per-user basis. There is no way to control your Augmentation/Data Source statuses via the API - they must be changed in the UI. Once an Augmentation is activated, all your streams will start to see the new data.  

The most workaround (but not ideal) to this is to keep separate accounts for the different Augmentation requirements that you have. 



Thanks - understood. Follow-on question, can you create multiple accounts under a single subscription? Eg I have a bronze subscription getting my $0.12/DPU … can I create 2 accounts (ie api keys) sharing that subscription (one with Salience enabled, one without) or do I have to either get multiple subscriptions?

If you can run multiple accounts then the workaround is totally fine I think.


This is something you will need to talk to your Account Manager about - they should be able to help you out.