Is it possible to exclude a specific Facebook page from the recording?


Is there any way in CSDL to create a filter like this?

fb.content ANY “iphone, ipad” AND NOT


Absolutely. You can filter out links using the, links.url or links.domain targets.

An example of the CSDL you could use:

fb.content ANY "iphone, ipad" AND


Would the example exclude all stories from the AppStore page?


That example will exclude any stories contain a link to as the value.
However, there are some nuances here. Stories will contain a maximum of 1 value. It is possible that multiple links will be included in a story, so in order to ensure you filter against all of these, you should filter against DataSift’s Links augmentation targets, such as links.url.

The following CSDL will match any stories containing “iPhone” or “iPad” which do NOT contain the link “”:

fb.content ANY "iphone, ipad" AND
NOT links.url IN ""