Is it possible to automate the periodic export of a stream?



I have the following potential use case: I create a stream via the online interface (not through the API). Then I want to have that stream recorded every hour and have those results exported to an Amazon S3 bucket every hour. I then process the results of the export as needed on my own server.

My questions are:

  • How can I automate/program the periodic export?
  • How can I identify each file so that I know to which time-period it belongs(in the exports I have done, all the files have the same name: r-part-00000.csv)?




You can use our REST API to access all aspects of recordings and exports, including starting and scheduling recordings and exports. You will be able to hit the appropriate REST API endpoints to start exporting a portion of a recording to your S3 bucket.

Currently all exports are named "r-part-00000.fileformat" by default. We are looking into changing this. 

Have you considered using the Streaming API to process interactions in real time?