Is Instagram data is accessible?


I have tried to get data from Instagram data source with CSDL filter as below:
interaction.type == “Instagram” AND language.tag == "en"
// Mentions of brands in content
interaction.content contains_any “keywords list”

with this I am not able to get any interaction. but the same filter works fine with tumblr data source.

so is there any problem with Instagram data source?


In order to receive Instagram data, you must first create an Instagram Managed Source.

A full guide for how to use Managed Sources is available on our docs site.


Thanks Jason! using this guide I get the interactions in dashboard.

Next I need to capture the interactions in json format programatically.
I have tried to hit datasift API’s such as: /source/start or /source/get with my Datasift account authorization
but it responds as error:
{“error”:“You do not have permission to access this endpoint”}

Can you please suggest about how to capture interaction data?


I’ve updated your account. You now have access to those API endpoints


Thanks alot!
its worked for me now :slight_smile: