Is "&" a special character


We have created a push subscription for stream and the query contains “&” as one of the characters. We happen to observe that we do not get tweets for this stream. Is “&” treated as special character?

For example say our search word is , “AT&T”.


The '&' symbol tends to be encoded when we receive it from our data providers. Try replacing it with the encoded version - '&' For example: 

interaction.content contains_any "AT&T, AT&T"


This CSDL is giving me errors when compiling it return { NOT interaction.content contains_any “Opie, anthony, O\&A” }. I have tried one back slash, I also tried using then encoded version ‘O&A’ that did not work.


First off - You don't want to consume that CSDL - it will return every interaction that does not contain "Opie", "Anthony", or "O&A"  - which will be thousands in posts per second. 

What is the error message you are receiving when you try to compile this CSDL?

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