Introducing the new Search & Export API plus Historics deprecation

Since the acquisition of DataSift by Meltwater, we’ve been working hard to create new products and features that utilise our combined technologies and platforms. One of those features that will be coming soon is a new Search & Export API. This new API will allow customers to do much more than the existing Historics solution, including faster queries, faster data delivery, synchronous searching, analytics and aggregations.

You can see a preview of what the new Search & Export API will look like on our new developer documentation portal.

Because this new functionality will be coming very soon, today we are announcing the deprecation of our existing Historics archive feature. In 60 days, on July 1st 2019 the Historics functionality will be deprecated, API requests will stop working and will return a 410 status code. By this time the new offering will be fully available so that you can transition to the simpler, faster and additional functionality of the Search & Export API.

For further information on the new Search & Export API please contact support or your Sales contact.