Interaction.raw_content and @mentions



I’m looking to use the interaction.raw_content target in a filter for twitter and was hoping someone could answer a query for. Can I use the target to match a hashtag, a term and a user all with the same name but with only one value? CSDL something like this:

interaction.type == “twitter” and
interaction.raw_content contains_any “foo”

So if i tweet with a message containing “foo” it matches (tested works great).

If I tweet containing “#foo” again matches and is collected (tested).

If I tweet and mention an account named “@foo” it’s not collected? I’ve tried this using my account name and just can’t seem to get it to work.

Have misunderstood how the target works? I’m unsure why it would match #foo and not @foo etc. Should I be using substr rather than contains_any?



The elements that interaction.raw_content will match against will be covered on it's documentation page.

You are correct in assuming that @mentions should be matched when using interaction.raw_content, though it appears we have a bug with this right now. Our engineers are working on releasing a fix as soon as possible.


Hi Jason

Thanks for the update. What’s the process usually for releasing a fix? As in is there an easy way I can find out when it has been rolled out?




Hi Alex

I will update this discussion topic when it has been released. It is a high priority for us to get this resolved.


We believe this issue has now been resolved. Please let us know if you continue to experience issues