Interaction Incomplete for Reddit Posts


Two of the elements of the Reddit source aren’t coming through properly. The Links augmentation also seems to be misfiring.

  1. reddit.content is supposed to provide "The text of a post," but often includes garbage HTML tags. This carries over into interaction.content.
  2. should give "The 'real' name of the author of the post." Reddit doesn't actually have a "real name" component to their profiles, so this should be the user name of the author. However the field does not come through - it seems to always be missing.
  3. The links augmentation doesn't seem to work properly for reddit. It should return the resolved link at the top of the thread, plus any URLs included in the comments. However it doesn't appear, even when type = post.
Am I crazy, misreading the documentation, or are these bugs?

Thanks for raising these. I will raise 1) and 2) with our engineering team to see if we can address them. 3) will need more investigation, as there are still plenty of cases where the links augmentation is correctly applied to Reddit interactions. Typically, the links augmentation should only resolve links that appear in the main content of the interaction.



Thanks Jason.

“Typically, the links augmentation should only resolve links that appear in the main content of the interaction.”

Does that mean that the URL must be in the text of a reddit comment to appear in the links augmentation?

Virtually every Reddit thread is anchored by a hyperlink post. It’s entirely URL + description text. It seems logical that this initial link would be passed via the links object for every comment in the thread. At a minimum it should be available for the initial post.


The link to the Reddit thread should not need to be passed through the links augmentation:

  • Any links included in the body of the comment will be available in reddit.links, and the links augmentation
  • The URL of the comment itself can be found in
  • The URL of the full thread can be found in reddit.thread
  • The title of the link/thread can be found in reddit.title


But what happens to the thread’s main link? Consider this reddit comment. I would expect that:

  • reddit.thread = ""
  • reddit.title = "San Diego International Airport has a bathroom for dogs."
  • = ""
But where do you get ? This is the link attached to the thread's title text. Essentially, every comment in the thread is about this link. At a minimum this should be included in a field like reddit.thread_link, and should probably appear in the links augmentation as well, allowing for filtering based on metatags, normalized url, etc.


I see the issue now. I have raised a ticket with our Engineering Team to look into it, and see what we can do.


This has been deemed "not an issue" by our engineering team. When we receive Reddit comments, they are in reply to the initial thread, to which we provide a link (the reddit.thread field). We do not provide the link behind the thread's title text, because we do not receive it. 

Similarly, when we receive a Tweet as a reply to another Tweet, we do not return any content or links from this original Tweet.


Thanks for following up. We’ll go ahead and build this functionality ourselves.