Interaction augmentation and custom fields


I want to use interaction augmentation to retrieve core information from multiple sources (twitter, facebook, youtube, google+ and others), as majority of my information is catered to by the common core information.

However, I want to also retrieve some custom information if the source is twitter or facebook (example klout data). Can I use a combination of interaction augmentation and conditional fields for some sources.

Please advise.



No conditional statements are needed for Klout data. If the Augmentation is enabled, the Klout score would be included automatically when available (ie. for Twitter and Facebook interactions)



Thanks Victor. I see that each stream element has the source data along with interaction augmentation.

Can I chose to receive only a subset of fields in the json stream. For example, since interaction fields contain the author data, I do not want the corresponding twitter fields to have user data.



Unfortunately when using live streaming, there is no option to receive only a subset of the data for one data source or augmentation - you will always receive all the information available to you.

If you are using our recording and exporting facilities, you do have the option to only include certain fields in your export.