Instagram Source


What are the advantages of the instagram source over using the API directly?


Excellent question.

If you haven’t seen our STREAM for social data dev page, I recommend taking a look at that first.

I’ll try and summarize the features that stand out for me - I’m not a sales person, so it’s very likely that I’ve missed a few important points!

  • Optimization - We have had many very talented Software Engineers work on our Managed Sources product for the past several years. Literal decades of combined social API knowledge have been used from maximizing efficiency of API calls to using the latest and most up to date endpoints. We’ve also dramatically simplified authentication and other components. Everything is abstracted so that it’s simple and our customers don’t need to re-invent the wheel and can focus more on filtering for content than trying to get it in the first place.
  • Augmentations - we offer several enhancements to standard social data. Our links augmentation goes further than any social API, and can identify the end url and meta information even if it’s a shortened url within a shortened url with a shortened url … ad infinitum. We also offer gender, sentiment, demographic, and language augmentations which use advanced machine learning techniques to provide even greater insight.
  • Data classification - we have business logic built in to our platform with our VEDO product. If you have millions of data points, you really ought to be indexing it somehow. I don’t know of a better way than this product.
  • Data sources - in addition to Facebook and Instagram Managed Sources, we also offer many other data sources and add more periodically. Filters you create for one data source can be repurposed for many.
  • Support - if you’ve ever tried working directly with any social network’s support and/or engineering teams, you’ll know it can take months or years (if ever) to see changes made or even get a response sometimes. We are much, much faster. We also have developed good relationships with our social partners and tend to get things fixed quicker (if it’s a social API issue) than what an average developer might experience going through normal channels.

I could probably go on all day, but the gist of it is, if your company uses social data for analysis, it’s likely you’d be even better off with DataSift. But do talk to a Sales person if you still have doubts.