Instagram profile picture images not working


Hello. I’m streaming Instagram data via Managed Sources and am having a problem with the user profile URLs. None of the profile URLs in any of the posts seem to work for me. This is true of the URLs in the instagram.from.profile_picture, instagram.from.avatar and

Here are some example profile picture URLs:

I get a “Content not found” response for all of them.

Do you know why this is and if there is some other way to get the profile picture URL?


Are you able to share some more specific detail of these posts by submitting a support ticket?

it would be great to get details of the posts themselves, the full JSON interactions you received, and details of the Managed Source generating these interactions.

Those image URLs are copied directly from Instagram’s API; DataSift does not modify them in any way. Does the user still exist?


Hi Jason, I wonder if this is/was just a temporary problem with Instagram’s CDN - as I was compiling information for a support ticket, looking at newer posts as examples, all of the new URLs I tried worked now. The URLs I provided above were from an older dataset we collected a few months ago. Although these three still don’t work, some others from that dataset that didn’t work yesterday are working today.

I think we can consider this a temporary issue. Thanks.