Instagram Managed Sources - Current Status


The current Instagram API is being removed on 11th December 2018 and any Instagram Managed Sources will be stopped on this date as they will no longer receive data.

To keep receiving Instagram data we have updated our ingestion and processing services. As the new Instagram data is only available using the Facebook Graph API, we have updated our existing Facebook Pages Managed Source to enable customers to fetch Instagram data.

As a result of the Instagram changes, the new Instagram functionality will only be available via our API, not the User Interface (developer portal).

Our updated API is currently available. In order to use the new API functionality, there are some prerequisites that your Facebook Application will require.


To use our Facebook Managed Sources API you have needed your own Facebook Application. By using your own Application you have your own rate limit and can control which permissions your Application requires. You can also manage and view the Facebook Graph API usage yourselves.

Facebook recently introduced an Application Review process and therefore, you will need your application approved for all the Facebook application permissions listed below for each of our resource types you’d like to access. You may have some of these approved already.

Current status

Our API has been updated to support the following new Instagram “resource types” on the Facebook Pages Managed Source:

  1. instagram: Receive posts, comments and mentions for an Instagram Business Account.
    Facebook app permissions: manage_pages, instagram_basic, instagram_manage_comments

  2. instagram_user: Receive posts for an Instagram Business Account that you do not manage/own
    Facebook app permissions: manage_pages, instagram_basic, instagram_manage_insights

  3. instagram_tag: Receive anonymised posts for an Instagram Account (both Business and non-business accounts) that match a specific hashtag
    Facebook app permissions: manage_pages, instagram_basic, instagram_manage_insights, Instagram Public Content Access

For further detail please see our blog post from a couple of weeks ago. Instagram Managed Sources - IMPORTANT