Instagram Managed Source Validation Error



We’re receiving a validation error response from the Instagram managed source /source/create API:

{“error”:“A validation error was encountered while saving the source instance”}

I wasn’t expecting the response from the API to be in the returned format. I’ve looked through the parameters we are sending across and can’t initially see any problems:


Any suggestions as to what the problem might be would really be appreciated?




Forgot to say. I’ve tested the access token (removed in the example) directly against the Instagram API and it is valid and working.


Just as a quick form of validation, can you confirm if the token key you are using has been used on any existing IG managed sources? I believe they cannot be shared across managed sources and are considered global on the platform. (Although don’t quote me on it)


That’s a very good point. I’ve checked and the token is unique and is not being used by another source. I’ve also tried with a different account and received the same error.

Up until now I’ve been testing via one of the API clients. I receive a similar error when using the DataSift web UI (Failed to create your data source, please try again).

Thanks for the suggestion.


Thanks for the suggestion @jason_parrot; using a single token across multiple Managed Sources is not allowed, though you should receive a 409 response from the API when you attempt to create a second Managed Source using a token that is already in use.
We have unfortunately seen a rise in the number of errors reported around Managed Sources in the past couple of weeks. Typically these issues are transient, and are pretty short lived.
You may have success by passing the parameter validate=false on your /create API call; this will prevent DataSift from validating your resources and tokens with Instagram, which will prevent timeouts when communicating with the Instagram API (if this is in fact causing your problem).