Instagram Managed Source - Service Impact Summary


On April 4, 2018 Instagram unexpectedly announced that it had brought forward its planned deprecation of the current Instagram API (previously set for July 31, 2018 or December 11, 2018). This unexpected change has of course had a significant impact on the Instagram Managed Source service that DataSift provides.

Feature Status
Prior to these changes, the Instagram Managed Source provided three features for hashtags, users and geo. With the API deprecation now in place, these features are now reduced to one which is the hashtag search.

The hashtag search is operational however due to the changes restricting user information, the format is now different. Specific fields are no longer available within the from section, namely full_name, bio and profile_picture, with username still being present. The user id has also been removed. A full sample interaction can be seen here.

Comment count and like count interactions remain unaffected.

API Status
Given that the restricted features now available, core parts of the DataSift Managed Source API are no longer relevant e.g. features for submitting GEO and User searches. To help support customers in updating their applications, there are no short term plans to change this functionality. These features will of course be deprecated at some point in the future.

Managed Source Architecture Migration
Current customers who are using the old Managed Source architecture, your accounts are currently being migrated to the new architecture. This introduces a slight change in the response format as documented here. Primarily, individual like interactions are removed and replaced by aggregated Comment Count and Like Count interactions. The migration is seamless and requires no action. It is expected to be complete by 8AM PST April 6, 2018.

You will be notified by email if you are currently using the old managed source architecture.