Incorrect dailymotion.thumbnail URLs


Not sure if this is the right place to report this but I hope you could help. We want to map “thumbnail” from dailymotion in our stream integration and we pulled down a few examples and it looks like the thumbnail values are incorrect. We saw a new property called “thumb_url_code” that seem to have the correct thumbnail value, but it’s not listed in the source document so not sure if we should use that one instead. Could you advise when will this be fixed and if we could temporarily use the thumb_url_code and for how long? Thanks!

P.S. I wanted to attach an example but I could’t upload is so I will paste it here:
“dailymotion”: {
“id”: “7sqh01u8ja6ps1adpupa5d”,
“siteid”: “dailymotion”,
“videoid”: “x3xa2xu_bleach-manga-chapter-513-review-discussion-wtf-just-happened-o-o_tv”,
“title”: “Bleach Manga Chapter 513 Review/Discussion WTF JUST HAPPENED!? O_O”,
“content”: “well their was a wtf moment in this weeks manga chapter of bleach wonder how this will be explained what are your thoughts on this weeks manga chapter of bleach?\r
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“thumb_url_code”: “”,

“thumbnail”: “http://s2.dmcdn.net”,



It’s important to note that there is a difference between a CSDL target and an output field. Out Targets vs Output Data documentation covers the differences quite nicely. In summary, while fields such as dailymotion.thumb_url_code or do appear in the output data, they will never be available as targets which you can filter on.
Unfortunately these values are passed to us directly from our Dailymotion data source provider, so we have no control over whether links on fields such as thumbnails will resolve correctly


Hi, thanks for the info, we are not planning to filter on dailymotion.thumbnail we just want to use it when presenting the results and the value is broken. I understand that you don’t have control over those fields and that they are provided by Dailymotion datasource provider but you are redistributing their corrupted data so could you contact them (or give us some contact details) so we can let them know that their data is corrupted because right now we will have to implement a workaround to determine where the correct thumbnail URL resides between the two fields.


I have reached out to the data provider’s support team to let them know that the thumbnail fields are invalid in some cases


Our data provider’s team has informed me that the correct field to use for the DailyMotion video’s thumbnail URL is dailymotion.thumb_url_code. The invalid dailymotion.thumbnail field will likely be removed by the data provider soon (they are yet to confirm if this will happen).


Hi Jason, thanks for the info and contacting the provider team, things are much clear now.


Hi, it looks like there is a similar situation for youtube now, but it’s worst. On all youtube interactions neither thumb_url_code nor thumbnail values are a pointing to a valid thumbnail:

“thumb_url_code”: “
“thumbnail”: “

The first one seems to be the video URL instead of a “code” as they property name suggest and the second seems to be a combination of the thumbnail host and the code, but because the code a full URL, the resulting URL is broken (I think it should look like follow:

Could you please help us and contact the data provider’s support team (or provide us some contact details) and let them know that the thumbnail for youtube is broken. This very important for us because all the all thumbnails for youtube are broken in our system so could you let us know when will this be fixed?


Thanks. I’ve escalated this to our data provider’s support team