Important - Facebook App Review


Facebook has announced that all apps, including those formerly approved, must undergo an App Review process in order to gain access to the Events, Groups and Pages API’s. Please follow this link for more information:

All Managed Sources users need to ensure that their App is approved by Facebook in order to continue to use the DataSift Managed Sources service for Facebook Pages.

It is not clear whether the App Review process happens automatically or whether Apps must manually be re-submitted for approval. The assumption is that the process is automated, but please check with Facebook directly to be sure. If an App is not approved by Facebook; access will be removed by Facebook.

Please note that it is not possible to utilise DataSift’s Facebook App to access any of Facebook’s API’s. Managed Sources users are required to have an approved App in order to generate access tokens for Facebook. Please refer to Facebook’s documentation on how to obtain an access token: