I can't see the topics i'm following on Twitter


I am testing the free trial of Datasift to a big oportunity in my work.
The problem is that i can’t get to see the topics that i am following. I want to know how many tweets are produced by “@accountXX”; “#hashtagXX” “topicXX”.
In the Streams i haved created the following rules: “interaction.content contains “#examplehashtag””.
The thing is that nothing comes out.
I wonna know how the resultant tweets comes out? Like a database archive??
Why in my free trial account i am not getting any results?


There are a number of different methods you can use to get content out of DataSift.

Most people choose to use our Streaming API, which you can access through one of our official client libraries. We also offer a REST API, and allow you to record your stream on DataSift, and download either a CSV or JSON copy of all the interactions you receive.