HTTP push connector responding header on server issues



When we receive a push delivery over HTTP while our server is experiencing (for example) database connection issues, then what should the /push response (header) look like to make the push delivery fail and have it retried at a later moment?

Is it enough to not send a response (with success:true)? Or can we simply return a response with status header 500 or 503?



You can send nothing at all, or anything other than {"success":true}. If DataSift does not receive {"success":true} within 10 seconds, it assumes a failure, and tries again. Sending something like {"success":false}, or some 'error' response code will simply ensure DataSift recognises the failure sooner, and will retry sending the data.

If DataSift is unable to successfully send data for over 1 hour, it is assumed that your Push endpoint will not recover, and the subscription will fail.


That is very clear. Thanks!