Http PUSH and twitter delete and user status updates?



Probably a beginner question, but we are in the process of setting up a push endpoint in .Net, and I’m trying to find examples of all the different types of things you might send me, and how they will be formatted.

So far I’ve found the list of sample output here:

This only lists the interactions however, and I was wondering what the JSON would look like if twitter delete messages are sent, or user status updates. Are these intermingled into the list of interactions (i.e. are they added to the buffer and sent as part of a batch), or are they sent as separate messages.




Delete and User Status messages are sent mixed in with your regular interactions. Examples of the JSON objects themselves can be found on our Twitter Deletes and Twitter User Status Messages pages


Thanks for the quick reply.

So as an example, the following might be received (one normal interaction, one delete interaction, and one user suspend interaction):

{ "interactions": [ { "interaction": { // interaction here }, "twitter": { // tweet details here } }, { "delete": true, "interaction": { // delete interaction details }, "twitter": { // tweet to delete } }, { "interaction": { // interaction here }, "twitter": { "user": { // user details }, "status": "user_suspend" } } ] }


Yes - something like this is entirely possible.