How to select output Columns


Hey I am new to CSDL. We are doing a project on social media listening. I have been trying a few CSDL queries to see what chatter I get for certain Television shows.

I have a few concerns: (Again this may be just because I’m not well versed with the language)

  1. Is there a way to select the output column list.
  2. Also I have noticed a few times that even though there is a #tag or a @mention within the content text, the output columns hastags & mentions remain blank. This is not always though.
  3. Also I have failed to get any information in the the retweet count column (ie.links.retweet_count or twitter.retweet.count).
  4. Links.Age & interaction geo is something which is intermittent.

Do you want me to share the CSDL with you’ll. Or you’ll would access it directly from my profile?

Thanks & Regards,


1. There is currently no way to select an output column list. You can simply ignore the output fields you don't need when you receive them.

2. It would be interesting to see some interactions where this is the case, so we could look into it further.

3. links.retweet_count has been deprecated. We have not yet removed the field to ensure we do not break any of our user's applications. The twitter.retweet.count field will only be populated in cases where you receive a retweet. When you receive a regular Tweet, you receive it in real time, so it will not have been retweeted by the time you receive it.

4. links.age is a target only - not an output field. This means that you can set up a filter to specify you want to receive interactions containing links that are over or under a certain age. You can calculate the age of a link yourself by comparing the links.created_at timestamp, to the current time. Geo data is something that will only be included in an interaction, if the interaction was geo-tagged by the user that posted that interaction. We typically find this is a fairly low percentage of all our data. 


Thanks for your quick response Jason.

So for #2 do I share the data in a spreadsheet where hastags/mentions had been skipped or a screen dump will do?

Also I would want to know if there is an augmentation that gives the age of the user, because I would like to segment the data on basis of Age groups.
I couldn’t see it in demographics or any other augmentation.


For #2, if you could share the full JSON interaction, that would be best. I don't believe there is any way you can upload a CSV to the discussion forums. 

We do provide the DataSift Demographics augmentation, which will estimate the age of a user - this is provided as a separate data feed.


While we were speaking I was just doing a quick look up of the data. I found that whenever the content was pre-fixed with a “RT @” which means it is a retweet, only in those cases information like hashtags,mentions,profileimage link etc is being skipped.

I have activated demographics augmentation, but so far “demographic.gender” is the only column I got in my output with regards to demographics.
Also demographic.age_range was never a part of my output. Which is why again the question arises, whether I can select output columns.
As pointed out by you this is not possible, so can you please tell what I may be doing wrong here.


In the case of retweets, Twitter fields such as twitter.user.profile_image_url or twitter.hashtags will not exist. They will be replaced with twitter.retweet.user.profile_image_url, twitter.retweeted.user.profile_image_url, and twitter.retweet.hashtags. Take a look at our full list of Twitter Targets, and Twitter Output Data for more examples.

We have two demographics augmentations - the one you activated returns only the gender of the user. To gain access to the full DataSift Demographics augmentation, you will need to contact us via the form at


Thanks a ton! Jason.